Are Off-Road Trailers the Superior Way to Camp?

by dewet | Mar 18, 2020

Are Off-Road Trailers Really Any Better than Tents?

At some time or another, most of us have memories of camping out with our families in a tent. We all built outdoor forts as kids and enjoyed feeling small in a big, wide, natural world. Just the word “tent” brings back fond memories of family time beside a fire, which is why many campers today still continue this tradition. What if we told you, however, that you could still enjoy the great outdoors without any of the fuss involved with setting up a tent? Well, here at Conqueror, we have a range of off-road trailers that will allow just that.

Why Do People Go Tent Camping?

There are only two reasons why people go tent camping. First, there’s the nostalgia of doing something that has been exciting since those childhood summer holidays. Second, tents are quite affordable. While there certainly are those that cost a lot, most people can find something in their price range. Unfortunately, tents are known to need patchwork after time, are exceptionally difficult to clean, and take a whole lot of effort to set up and take down every time.

Are Off-Road Trailers the Superior Way to Camp?

We certainly believe so – after all, we have spent over 30 years dedicating our time to the innovative engineering behind 4×4 campers and caravans. Not only do the pros outweigh those of a tent but there’s no way you’ll ever go back to a tent once you’ve tried one of the Conqueror trailers. Here are just some of the benefits of investing in your own 4×4 camper:

  • Campers offer better protection. With our range, you will sleep higher off the ground, which gives you more time to react if dangerous wildlife makes it into the campsite. Of course, that is the worst-case scenario. Generally, off-road trailers are far more weatherproof, resistant to damage, and great at protecting your personal items because they can be locked.
  • You’ll have much more space for storage. Lugging a tent around takes up tons of space, and will probably require that you use a standard trailer anyway. Our off-road trailers come with a tent, storage space, workspace, and living area, as well as an optional awning to extend your living space.
  • Nothing is quicker. One memory people seem to have forgotten from those joyful camping trips as children is how much the adults struggled to set up camp. Pegs, poles, and far too much material all contributed to too much time wasted setting up. Our range comes with a built-in tent that sets up in a few minutes, so you are free to explore the world around you or doze off for the evening.
  • Let’s not forget those creature comforts. We all like having a little piece of home along on any trip. When you invest in a Conqueror trailer, you invest in comfort. A large king-sized bed, instant hot water, and 2-plate gas burner are all features you won’t see with a tent any time soon.

If you would like to find out more about our off-road trailers, why not contact our Midrand branch today? We welcome you to enjoy our fantastic service and industry expertise.