Conqueror 4×4 Caravans

by ronelileadetal | Jan 18, 2021

Why the Conqueror 4×4 Caravans are Simply the Best Around

For most, the idea of towing a caravan out into the rough for an off-road trip would seem unwise. What if you get stuck? What if something breaks? It just seems like more worries than benefits to bring it along, but not all campers are made equal. The 4×4 caravans at Conqueror are purpose built for off-roading situations. Once you get to know our range of products, you won’t be scared to take your Conqueror 4×4 caravan out into the bush.

Military Pedigree

In the early days of Conqueror, we specialised in military trailers, and quickly learned about the different demands of off-road towing. All of our 4×4 caravans are built as tough as can be, while maintaining a light and practical design. The harsh conditions of military operation would quickly expose any compromises in our product, so we crafted the toughest campers around.

Modular Chassis

We don’t just add lots of heavy armour to a camper to make it tough; our chassis and body components are designed to minimise the stress and wear that they will encounter over the course of their service lifetime. Specially chosen coatings and galvanising also protects parts from scratching and corrosion. Off-road driving is risky, however, and damage will accumulate; but with Conqueror 4×4 campers, the whole chassis and body are designed to make disassembly possible for easier part replacement.

Super Compactness

Our 4×4 caravans are designed to be super compact in their transit state. Space efficiency is especially important if you’re out on an off-road track, as they can become quite narrow, and the last thing you want in these situations is to snag a strong tree branch. Our Companion caravan is the nimblest in this regard at only 1.9m wide.

Though they are compact in transit, our campers really shine when they are set up. The incorporation of fold-out tented beds helps us get as much living space as we can out of the body. So, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the ability to tackle 4×4 trips with a Conqueror caravan.

Independent Suspension

All of our caravans boast fully independent suspension, and even some of our own patented suspension parts. Independent suspension with coil springs, trailing arms and torsion bars provide much better articulation over obstacles and smoother rides over corrugated surfaces. Even our bigger caravans can make their way through the rugged trails.

Ground Clearance

The great ground clearance that independent suspension provides, coupled with the raised tail design of our trailers and caravans, makes them much more convenient to tow during some 4×4 driving. The tucked tail is a big help when navigating inclines and the independent suspension will minimise the rocking and tipping hazards faced when dealing with large rocks and grooves in the road.

Get in Touch

We offer expert servicing and repairs at locations right across South Africa, so you know that help is never too far if you need it. To find out more about our great range of 4×4 caravans and trailers, get in touch with our team and let the adventure begin. Life’s too short to stick to well-trodden paths!