High Quality Off-Road Trailers

by ronelileadetal | Dec 17, 2020

For the Adventurous at Heart – Conqueror’s High Quality Off-Road Trailers

Conqueror has been setting the standard in the off-road trailer and caravan market for over three decades. During our more than 30 years in the industry, we have become one of the oldest and largest high-quality off-road trailer and caravan manufacturers in the country. By this point, we’ve perfected the recipe for quality off-road camper products, and our trailers come in 3 main variants:

The Conqueror Courage

The Courage is a proud result of our years of design experience. It is quick and easy to set up and pack away, and comes with a host of great features. It has the best departure angle of the 3 off-road trailers we offer, and is great for avoiding scraping the road when navigating steep driveways or ramps. It also features a 1.8 tonne torsion axle, which provides easier off-road handling and obstacle navigation, and can last decades.

The leisure features of the Courage include a huge king size bed, handy fridge, 90 litre water tank, and ample storage. You have the options of an L-shape or 6 m x 6 m awning for shade and cover around the trailer.

The Conqueror Compact

While its name suggests that the compact might not have enough space for all the conveniences, the opposite is actually true!

The Compact features a shower and retractable kitchen, both fed by hot and cold water from a 110 litre tank. The kitchen has designated cutlery and crockery storage, a 2-plate gas stove, a fridge, a camping table, and plenty grocery storage. Inside is a double bed, along with a well-lit vanity cupboard and 3 clothing drawers. It caters for the large 6 m x 6 m, L-shape or kitchen awnings.

The two deep cycle batteries can be charged by your vehicle or by solar panels and have an easy-to-use control panel. This can be upgraded to include water flow and water level measurement, DC power boost and MPPT Solar Regulator.

The Conqueror Comfort

The Comfort is the flagship of our top-quality off-road trailers. This impressive trailer carries all the convenience and hardiness of the Compact, plus a little extra. Inside the easily set up tent you’ll find a spacious area with a huge king size bed, vanity cupboard, LED lighting, and storage drawers. The retractable kitchen holds a larger camping table than the Compact, along with all the amenities such as a fridge, hot and cold water from a hefty 150 litre tank – which also supplies the shower – and lots of packing space.

The batteries feature easy charging by solar panels or a vehicle, and are controlled by a central display that can be upgraded for extra information and solar panel management.

The Comfort can be fitted with a massive 7m x 7 m awning for lots of comfortable shade. Alternatively, the L-shape and kitchen awnings are also available.

We understand off-roading, so all our trailers and caravans are built to a superior quality standard. We use hot-dip-galvanised modular frames, and powder coated electro-galvanised body components for extreme protection against corrosion and wear, and easy replacement of damaged parts.  Our tents are made from the highest quality heavy-duty ripstop canvas, since tent materials are usually vulnerable to damage, and we use patented suspension components for the best handling and towing experience.

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