Off-Road Caravans For Any Adveture

by ronelileadetal | Sep 30, 2020

Off-Road Caravans That are Up for Any Adventure

We all have different ideas of adventure. For some, it’s an idyllic weekend camping next to a river or by the beach. For others, it’s exploring the outdoors off the beaten track as far away from civilisation as possible. For either situation – and every adventure in between – there’s a Conqueror off-road caravan that provides the ideal companion for your camping needs. Our range of exceptional caravans will get you there and back every time.

What Sets Conqueror Off-Road Caravans Apart from the Competition?

There is certainly no shortage in suppliers of off-road caravans in South Africa. With so many incredible destinations to explore and wonderful weather on top of that, our country boasts a large number of outdoor enthusiasts. However, it’s certainly worth noting that not all off-road caravans are worth your time and money.

The range of Conqueror campers, available at the Conqueror Midrand dealership, is the result of decades of manufacturing quality trailers and campers, first for the military, and then for leisure camping. The heavy-duty demands of military activity, as well as the rugged terrains of Southern Africa, resulted in a range of off-road caravans like no other on the local market.

Ultimately, it’s all about comfort, convenience, and durability. Our experience has taught us what works, and time has shown us what lasts. This is why we only make use of smart and durable construction materials, such as electro-galvanised steel for all our chassis and core body frames, aluminium for the construction of doors and furniture to reduce weight, and coated ripstop canvas for all our tents.

Off-road capability is enhanced by smart design and construction. The body is assembled using a range of high-quality fasteners and a high modulus polyurethane glue which reduces metal fatigue, corrosion and provides a more durable longer-lasting camper. Powder coating finishes ensure a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chipping, wear and fade, and all parts are of a modular design allowing for easy panel replacements in case of an accident.

Comfort and convenience are informed by the need for space, functionality, and storage. All three these features are addressed thoroughly in each of our models throughout our range of off-road caravans. There is more than enough space for comfortable sleeping and living arrangements, the kitchen design is nothing short of spectacular, and there is plenty of easily-accessible storage for camping equipment, provisions and whatever toys you want to take with you on your getaway.

Get It Now at Conqueror Midrand

Conqueror Midrand has become the place to go for off-road caravans and camping trailers and is one of the leading Conqueror dealers in the country. Contact us to find your perfect camping companion – our technical, sales and support teams are dedicated to providing you with superior service and expert advice. Whether you are looking to buy a new or used model, or even want to potentially rent a camper, we have you covered. While we can’t define what adventure means to you, we can definitely help you get there in comfort and style.