Off-Road Caravans for Sale

by dewet | Jan 18, 2020

Features to Bear in Mind When Browsing Amongst All Those Off-Road Caravans for Sale

When campers set off shopping for off-road caravans, they have one goal in mind: to find one for sale that performs well under the worst of conditions. Africa has tons of 4×4 trails and tough terrain to navigate and settling for a substandard product is a waste of time and money. Partnering with the wrong manufacturer or purchasing a product without really understanding what goes into its specifications could actually cost more money down the line, so an informed purchase from the start is crucial. If you are currently eyeing all those off-road caravans for sale, we discuss some features upon which to keep an eye while you shop.

The Importance of the Chassis

The chassis of your selected model is one of the most essential components; it is, therefore, imperative that you understand how it is constructed and the material from which it is made. The chassis acts as the loadbearing framework – the foundation, if you will – of the entire vehicle. Finding a sturdy chassis is already half the battle won when it comes to sifting all those off-road caravans for sale. We manufacture each chassis using 3-mm steel, leaving the detailed work up to NC machines for absolute accuracy. Small components can be bolted together, which means the need for welding is reduced. This greatly relieves areas of the frame that experience metal fatigue, which ultimately adds to the vehicle’s lifespan. Single components are also easier to replace when needed. After assembly, the chassis is hot-dip galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion.

An Independent Suspension System

Off-road caravans get put through the wringer: they must endure severe bumps, knocks, ruts, and ridges. To reduce the amount of shock transfer from 4×4 trails, it is important to find a product from amongst the myriad for sale that has an independent suspension system. This type of system features two wheels that are not connected via a solid axle. The result is that wheels can move independently and the movement of one wheel will not affect the other. This means a smoother ride, safer cargo, and better on- and off-road handling. Independent suspension also comes with the benefits of more ground clearance and allows more wheel travel. In the 4×4 caravans we offer for sale, we make use of independent suspension with stabilisers for a much-improved towing experience.

All About the Body

A beefed-up chassis and upgraded suspension are not all that is needed for top performance; excellent body construction is vital. It not only acts as armour that shields the vehicle from the elements, but it can significantly affect the overall weight if made from the wrong material. Our off-road caravans are made from aluminium and powder-coated electrogalvanised steel. It is important for us to create towing vehicles that are not only lighter, but easily repaired and resistant to scratches, chipping, and wear.

For a look at our range of quality off-road caravans for sale and how you can invest in one that suits your travelling needs, feel free to get in touch with us at Conqueror Midrand today.