SA’s Favorite 4×4 Caravans

by ronelileadetal | Sep 01, 2020

What Makes Conqueror’s 4×4 Caravans the Nation’s Favourite?

Any lover of the outdoors will tell you that caravans are certainly not created equal. There are great choices… and then there are disasters. The last thing you want is for your caravan to ruin your entire camping experience. That might sound a little extreme, but when your caravan is literally your home for the duration of your trip, it plays a pretty big role in your experience. So, with so much resting on this decision, it’s imperative that you find the ideal choice. South Africa has spoken, and according to the nation, Conqueror’s 4×4 caravans are the top choice.

This isn’t only us claiming this (although we do agree). For three years running, the readers of South Africa’s top-selling caravan and camping resort guide, The Great Outdoors Guide, have picked the Conqueror Commander as their top choice to receive the title of Caravan of the Year, easily outpacing all other 4×4 caravans on the market.

So, what is it that makes the Conqueror 4×4 caravans so immensely popular? We take a closer look at five of the top reasons that make these 4×4 caravans so outstanding:

  1. Selecting the Right Construction Materials

We want our 4×4 caravans to last, no matter where you take them. So, instead of using stainless steel (which is still susceptible to corrosion) for construction, we follow motor industry trends using electrogalvanised steel for all our chassis and core body frames. We use aluminium for door frames and furniture to reduce weight, and coated ripstop canvas for our tents, as nylon also tends to deteriorate.

  1. Superior Body Construction

We introduced a revolutionary material in the construction of our new range of campers which significantly reduces weight. The body is assembled using a range of high-quality fasteners and a high modulus polyurethane glue which reduces metal fatigue, corrosion and provides a more durable longer-lasting camper, while a powder coating over the finishes provide a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chipping, wear and fade.

  1. Quality Accessories

We don’t consider accessories as extras, but rather as part and parcel of the entire experience. So, we take the same care as with the construction of the body of the caravan to ensure top quality accessories that are functional and durable to enhance your camping experience.

  1. Readily Available Parts, Services, and Repairs

While our 4×4 caravans are built to last, accidents do happen sometimes. With Conqueror, you don’t have to worry about parts of being available, as it’s manufactured locally. The team at Conqueror Midrand will assist you with any service and repair needs you may have.

  1. Our Commitment to Innovation and to Our Customers

Conqueror Manufacturers has over 30 years of experience in the build and design of 4×4 caravans and trailers. Yet, we still continuously look for ways to improve the quality, comfort and durability of our products that have made us the leader in off-road camper design and manufacturing. Additionally, our technical, sales and support teams are dedicated to providing you with superior service, expert advice and to assist you with all your caravan and camping trailer needs.

For the best 4×4 caravans available in South Africa, visit Conqueror Midrand.